Submit any bugs or issues you've encountered while playing Wartales.

[COOP] Connection issues

[Admin Note] Wartales' multiplayer is Peer 2 Peer based, Network related issue such as Desync, lag spikes, lobby creation etc, are more than likely an issue on the ...
Suggested by: Matt (11 Jan) Upvoted: 21 Sept Comments: 104
Pinned Unable to reproduce

Fatal error - C:\Projects\hxtools\hashlink\src\gc.c(239)

Since the most recent update I can no longer play at all. When I click the executable I get a message saying "Fatal Error - Can't lock GC in unregistered thread ...
Suggested by: Jeff (20 May, '22) Upvoted: 01 Sept Comments: 33
Pinned Fixed but not pushed

COOP Softlock in Battles makes the game unplayable in multiplayer

Every other battle the situation arises, that you can click the buttons on the unit but you can not move and even the movement range is not displayed. Ending your ...
Suggested by: Jonas (27 May) Upvoted: 24 Sept Comments: 35
Unable to reproduce

no music after bard song

After use a bard song (no matter where, tombs or tavern) all music is gone
Suggested by: RedKain (29 Jun) Upvoted: 2 days ago Comments: 8
Able to reproduce

Problems with the quest for a flock in Drombach, if you choose the side of scientists in Ludern

Hello!! There was such a problem.. Iam decided, before going to Ludern and doing quests there, I went to Drombach to the trackers there and completed a quest to find ...
Suggested by: WizarD (25 Sept) Upvoted: 27 Sept Comments: 4
Able to reproduce

Cannot End Turn in Multiplayer When PLayers Both Select on Chracters at the same Time

Title says it all, cant end turn or move or anything, just highlighted.
Suggested by: Jonathan (13 May) Upvoted: 18 Sept Comments: 7
Unable to reproduce

Stuttering every time

Hello, I've got many stuttering in the game, on the world map and in combat.. I tried many thing to fix that bug i don't found any thing... I did a little video in ...
Suggested by: Tungstène (01 Jul) Upvoted: 25 Sept Comments: 8
Unable to reproduce

Co op freeze in battle

in Co op only during a battle game randomly freezes up game ceaps playing but cant use ant thing in hot bar we both have 4 companions and 1 pony.
Suggested by: Anthony (09 Mar) Upvoted: 05 Sept Comments: 2
Unable to reproduce

Curse of Harag companion bug in Ganderwald castle

I chose a prisonier I had instead of one my merc to go to sleep and when I got it back after his kidnapping (I paid influence) he's not physically in my band but in ...
Suggested by: azecitizen (26 Apr) Upvoted: 27 Aug Comments: 18
Able to reproduce

Can't load any coop Game

Could not parse <HF>schelmo (haxe.xml.XmlParserException: Unclosed node <HF> at line 1 char 11) Called from h2d.HtmlText.parseText (h2d/HtmlText.hx line 186) ...
Suggested by: Elmar (14 Apr) Upvoted: 21 Sept Comments: 2
Unable to reproduce

Camp icon grayed out

Finished a fight and I can't camp - icon is grayed out
Suggested by: Noam (03 Jun) Upvoted: 18 Sept Comments: 13
Unable to reproduce

CO-OP game crashed when loading a save mostly happen in instances

ever time my friend tries to play our co op save with me it will let me invite him and will take me into the save but he gets stuck on a black loading screen then the ...
Suggested by: Ethan (30 Apr) Upvoted: 07 Jul Comments: 1
Unable to reproduce

Failed to set lobby data

Failed to set lobby data Called from steam.Lobby.setRawData (steam/Lobby.hx line 45) Called from local function #28886 (mpman/client/MPLobby.hx line 40) Called ...
Suggested by: Uli (22 Apr) Upvoted: 05 Sept Comments: 0
Unable to reproduce

Unable to complete "Convincing Information"

Unable to complete "Convincing Information" and Unable to find Locations completed in Drombach county 32/34
Suggested by: Zeaco (25 May) Upvoted: 21 Sept Comments: 6
Able to reproduce

Random stuttering

hi love the game and my computer normaly runs it extremely well but for some reason it stutters every now and again somtimes iv a week or more before it happens ...
Suggested by: Cass (12 May) Upvoted: 21 Aug Comments: 5
Able to reproduce

Arthes Region - Unstable Bridge Quest

The quest is one of the Region's 4 story quests which involves adding an Abbot to my party. It involves destroying the Unstable Bridge by mining out 2 of the pillars ...
Suggested by: Solstius (24 Apr) Upvoted: 17 Sept Comments: 6
Unable to reproduce

the Game still crashes the Nintendo switch

the Game crashes frequently it can be after 1 hour of Play or at any time it displays an error message saying sorry an error has occurred and close the game and takes ...
Suggested by: Patrick (23 Sept) Upvoted: 2 days ago Comments: 4
Able to reproduce

Co-op Game: Co-op partner cannot interact with the world, move etc

After loading up a co-op game save after completing the Smot Arena, the party had to rest. Everything was functioning but AFTER resting outside of the Arena, the ...
Suggested by: Narianth (26 May) Upvoted: 07 Jul Comments: 1
Unable to reproduce

co-op waiting on player unable to take action

stuck trying to make camp says waiting on player but that player has no actions to take
Suggested by: Aaron (16 Apr) Upvoted: 29 Aug Comments: 0
Unable to reproduce

Orders for bounty hunting (unique named weapons) stop appearing in taverns after 8 orders

A new patch was released that was supposed to fix problems with unique weapon quests! I started with a save (8 unique weapons were already collected) before the patch ...
Suggested by: WizarD (09 Sept) Upvoted: 23 Sept Comments: 2
Unable to reproduce


5950X / 3090. Game's crashing my PC. DDU clean uninstalled drivers and tried newest drivers and some older revisions. Bios update and chipset driver update just ...
Suggested by: Gabriel (05 May) Upvoted: 20 Aug Comments: 5
Unable to reproduce

[COOP] Animation direction wrong

Every time when playing in a multiplayer lobby, the direction that the unit of a friend is attacking/doing something is the same as the last direction the unit looked ...
Suggested by: Oli (19 Mar) Upvoted: 07 Jul Comments: 1
Unable to reproduce

Co-Op Camp Bug

In co-op mode with my buddy he has hi camp and mine is just greyed out no way to get into camp
Suggested by: eeextreme2 (01 May) Upvoted: 23 Sept Comments: 1
Unable to reproduce

Mission Already Completed

I already finished the "Fate of Arthes." I sided with Legion and fought Vernalis' and Lahearts' army, but the mission prompt is still on the map. ALSO, the "Secret ...
Suggested by: Ryan (14 Apr) Upvoted: 10 Sept Comments: 5
Able to reproduce

Black screen frozen.

Playing with more than 1 other person causes a black screen bug. We cann all click and interact with menus. But the screen is pitch black besides the menus.
Suggested by: Venomsplatter (20 Apr) Upvoted: 04 Aug Comments: 1
Unable to reproduce

Screen stop [CO-OP]

Ludern - Farm Moritagre We arrive at the farm and speak with the people and at the end when we speak with family after save the daughter we have a bit of a bug with ...
Suggested by: Marc (29 May) Upvoted: 07 Jul Comments: 0
Unable to reproduce

Screen fades to black

Suddenly color turned green and then black, the screen faded from top and down. Saved and loaded the save, then the screen was back to normal (fixed).
Suggested by: Terje (05 May) Upvoted: 07 Sept Comments: 5
Able to reproduce

Window and resolution changes, crash

The game changes from full screen to window mode, and puts itself in another resolution, it freezes and sometimes it lets you play again but almost always I have to ...
Suggested by: Retro (22 Apr) Upvoted: 21 Jul Comments: 4
Unable to reproduce

Save Game lost after a crash

I was playing on hardest difficulty and Ironman mode. While loading up a battle my computer froze, and after rebooting my save game was gone, only ones left were the ...
Suggested by: pawntificate (22 May) Upvoted: 02 Aug Comments: 3
Unable to reproduce

[COOP] - "Plague Infected Wound" modifier causes the non-host user to loose functionality after rest

When either player in a 2 player COOP match receives the "Plague Infection" modifier the non-hosting user will, after a rest, not receive the daily camp report and ...
Suggested by: Rapt0r (05 Jan) Upvoted: 07 Jul Comments: 1
Unable to reproduce

Voice Switch Error for Characters.

Sometimes the traders and recruitable companion female characters have male voices, and the male characters can have female voices.
Suggested by: Defender (05 May) Upvoted: 15 Aug Comments: 6
Unable to reproduce

Can't End Turn

Was playing rouste in Haraag, I tried punching the crocswine then now I can't end turn. I'm winning at 8th round.
Suggested by: doodley (29 Apr) Upvoted: 18 Sept Comments: 1
Unable to reproduce

If host player rotates camera, pings on joined player are incorrect position

Join coop game Enter a battle Without rotating Host player camera, ping somewhere on the battlefield as host player. Notice where this ping point is on Host as well ...
Suggested by: Brett (26 Apr) Upvoted: 22 Jul Comments: 1
Able to reproduce

Broken quest in Drombach scenario

The first quest in Drombach scenario (First Aid, I guess (game runs on the Russian language, so may be mistaken in its name)) is broken: we play in coop and found the ...
Suggested by: AEmber (25 Jun) Upvoted: 10 Aug Comments: 0
Able to reproduce

two different 'Old Wilburt' character models in conversation cutscenes

when you talk to Wilburt outside of 'Old Wilburt's Sheepfold' story mission, the conversation cutscene is using a character model matching the in-game character ...
Suggested by: Simon (05 May) Upvoted: 20 Jun Comments: 0
Able to reproduce

Cannot end turn on second round of Crocswine fight

When the game proceeds to the second round in the fight when allies come to help fend of the crocswine from the village, the game won't let me end my character's ...
Suggested by: Matthew (15 Apr) Upvoted: 13 Sept Comments: 4
Able to reproduce

[COOP] Players can't interact with caravans - Dialogue not showing up

Players are not able to interact with caravans - dialogue is not showing up players are moved directly back to the campaign map. *The issue affects both the Client ...
Suggested by: JacobZ (04 Apr) Upvoted: 07 Jul Comments: 1
Unable to reproduce

Light runs out in co-op tomb but does not exit

All companions flee the tomb, but the players both remain stuck inside without an option to exit.
Suggested by: Nobody_Holme (04 Mar) Upvoted: 07 Jul Comments: 0
Unable to reproduce

Arthes: unstable bridge

After finishing the quest the bridge became invisible and no way to interact with. Event on the map appears with a completed marker on it, the map shows me 31/32 ...
Suggested by: Bogdan (23 Jun) Upvoted: 02 Jul Comments: 7
Unable to reproduce

save file currupted cannot load

i was progress ludern and i fight with zombie swarm that was first escape fight and i guess 3~4 round my archer kill zombie to knockback skill and ...
Suggested by: nosuk83 (23 Apr) Upvoted: 25 Aug Comments: 2
Unable to reproduce

COOP saddlebags: Animal Companions

When you equip an animal companion with a saddlebags it does not apply to both players weight, just one of them. This makes that one stays heavy and the other not.
Suggested by: Lucas Wionczak (24 May) Upvoted: 22 Jul Comments: 0
Able to reproduce

Level 5 abilities are greyed out

I can't level up my characters past level 5. I can give them attiribitues but their abilities are still greyed out even though they are level 7.
Suggested by: Hyperf (26 Jun) Upvoted: 25 Sept Comments: 5
Unable to reproduce

Ornate key disappeared from inventory

After freeing the fisherman from the tower, he gave me the orante key and when I went to open the chest at the fishing shed it said that I did not have the key. ...
Suggested by: TheNerdAtWork (21 May) Upvoted: 01 Jul Comments: 3
Unable to reproduce

Rouste always bugs at second round

When playing co-op rouste always bugs on 3 round. End turn button is grey for non host player and space doesn't work.
Suggested by: make (14 May) Upvoted: 07 Jul Comments: 1
Unable to reproduce

[Co-op] Ludern - Rat invasion

Bug screen freeze when the 2nd turn begin. Impossible to play for one player. Relaunch the game.
Suggested by: Marc (04 Jun) Upvoted: 07 Jul Comments: 0
Unable to reproduce

[Coop] Can't depart town

Went to town in Tiltren County at start of game, 3 person coop. Lobby host could depart town and walk away, both guest players could not, even if they were the ones ...
Suggested by: Kegan (25 May) Upvoted: 07 Jul Comments: 0
Unable to reproduce

Double click to run disabled after last update (not bugged)

I see a few bugs reported on this, but they are vague and I experienced it myself but was quickly resolved. So I thought I´d drop my story here. After the last ...
Suggested by: Davey van Tilburg (07 Sept) Upvoted: 11 Sept Comments: 8
Not a Bug

Saved game is no longer displayed

My latest saved game is no longer displayed in the menu. It just disapered. In the data folder of "Wartales" I can still find it, but don't show it to me in the game.
Suggested by: Ben (10 May) Upvoted: 24 Jun Comments: 4
Unable to reproduce

Stuck on bridge

Co-op partner stuck on the bridge south of drombach jail. I got stuck as well when I went there.
Suggested by: Alain (22 May) Upvoted: 18 Jul Comments: 3
Unable to reproduce

Relentless Charge Fails To Go Where It Is Targeted

I am playing with 2 others in co-op. Currently at least 25% of the time that I use Relentless Charge the ability does not move my character where the targeting ...
Suggested by: JD (18 May) Upvoted: 24 Sept Comments: 3
Unable to reproduce